Features and Benefits of Netbility, Inc.'s HyperLMS

Deliver existing content and information

  • Deliver all and any existing content or information
  • No need to re-invent or re-write existing material
  • Add voice, video, Flash if desired, to enhance learning and retention
  • Perform knowledge assessments throughout courses

Universal access to training content

  • Unlimited geographic reach to clients or employees
  • End user only needs access to the internet
  • Content available to students 24x7x365
  • Anywhere, anytime, anyplace access to information or training

Hosted service offering ASP Model

  • No hardware or software investment
  • No internal IT support costs
  • Highly scalable no capacity issues
  • 99.99% availability to all content and records
  • All computer infrastructure and client database housed in offsite business
  • Continuity facility

Cost elimination or avoidance

  • Greatly reduce or eliminate travel Costs
  • Eliminate multi-site coordination challenges
  • Deliver consistent messaging and corporate image
  • Increase instructional retention by 25%
  • Increase profit margins of delivering content to customers and business units

Client uses and benefits

    Human resources
    • New employee orientation
    • Pre-employment testing
    • Workplace rules and policies
    • Diversity knowledge assessments and training
    • Workplace harassment training
    • Benefits dissemination
    • Verify that policies and procedures have been reviewed and understood
    Compliance & security training
    • Confirm content reviewed and understood
    • Certify Employee Completion and Competence
    • Prove to Regulators Compliance Programs have been Deployed
    Usage tracking and reporting
    • Track student progress and accomplishments
    • Use built-in or build custom reports
    • Export to other formats for further analysis
    • Track content utilization
    • Manage rollout of new training programs from your desk
    • Validate information has been reviewed and understood
    • Issue knowledge certificates on demand